Roller Shutters

Offering the best in home protection, AS Aluminium Windows & Door's roller shutters will ensure that you feel safe and secure in your house. Select from our range of electric or manual roller shutters and feel at ease in your home.

Electric Roller Shutters
Protect your home at just the push of a button with electric roller shutters. Ideal for larger openings, choose from our wide range of colours and styles.
Manual Roller Shutters
Offering the same full protection of electric roller shutters, manual roller shutter are simple to use and are suitable for smaller size openings.
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All-Round Protection

Our roller shutters are equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure that your home is protected at all times, keeping your home safe from possible break-ins and intruders.

Weather & Insulation

Keeping your house warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months is just another capability of our roller shutters. Alongside their insulation properties you can feel comfortable even in extreme cases of hail and storms, in which our roller shutters will protect your windows from any damage.

Noise & Light

Reduce noise and light levels and get yourself a goodnight’s sleep. With our roller shutters, you’ll be able to adjust for different levels of light and noise according to your preferences.

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