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Aluminium Windows

If you’re looking for affordable custom made windows, then AS Aluminium Windows & Doors is the right choice for you. We manufacture, supply and install high quality, durable aluminium windows and frames.

Our window product range

Our window styles offer an array of features and benefits suitable for any application, whether you're looking to renovate your home or are designing a new building, and include:

  • Options to choose from residential or semi / commercial frames

  • A variety of clear, toned and obscure glass options - with a standard of 6.38mm laminated grade A safety glass, we can help you obtain the insulation, performance and acoustics you're looking for

  • A wide range of screen options - from insect and pet screens to metal screens

Stacks of Windows


Whether you’re looking to renovate your house and are in need of a new set of windows or are building a new home and looking for a stylish option, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of extremely versatile, custom made aluminium windows can suit your every need.


If you’re looking to complete a DIY project or just need strong, quality aluminium window frames or glass, we can supply you with custom made to measure cuts at great prices. Get in touch today!

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